Finally, Kylie Jenner admits to lip injections. This has been a huge controversy considering she's only 17 years old (not to mention the "Kylie Jenner Challenge…").

Regardless, props to Kylie for finally coming clean.

So many gorgeous celebs gathered for the 2015 Met Gala.

The funny thing is, I never really knew what the Met Gala was until I looked it up the other day (I thought it was just one of the million fancy celeb events of the year...). The Met Gala is also called the Costume Institute Gala, an event thrown by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for fundraising the Costume Institute. Interesting, right? Probably explains all of the beautifully creative outfits of the evening.

Let's get to it. Here are my top picks.


Diana Krueger

Kendall Jenner


Gigi Hadid

Miranda Kerr

Kim Kardashian

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